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Seminar Reocrd


S. No. DATE Name of Speaker Name of Topic
101.09.2018 Dr. Roop SidanaPsychiatric case taking and observation.
208.09.2018 Dr. Parveen SharmaCircle of Willis – Development, distribution and clinical significance.
3 15.09.2018 Dr. Pranab Kumar Chakraborty Understanding developmental anomalies and disease.
4 20.09.2018 Dr. Anil Vangani Philosophy of Repertory complements at the same time contradicts Philosophy of Materia Medica- A discussion
5 22.09.2018 Dr. Charanjeet Singh Differential diagnosis of drugs in therapeutics of burning micturition.
6 27.09.2018 Dr. Davinder Kumar Changes in concept of "Health".
7 29.09.2018 Dr. Ruchi Biswas Euthanasia and human rights.
8 06.10.2018 Dr. Rajinder Girdhar Tongue – development, anatomy, clinical significance.
9 11.10.2018 Dr. Jubin Sharma Acid –peptic disorder – clinical manifestation and management.
10 13.10.2018 Dr. Rinku Biswas Dynamic infection versus bacterial infection.
11 27.10.2018 Dr. Mohipat SoniCardio vascular insufficiency Circle, differential diagnosis.
12 03.11.2018 Dr. Sunil BishnoiDrug relationship and aphorism 26.
13 17.11.2018 Dr. Anupriya Vyas Prescription writing and its implications.
14 24.11.2018 Dr. Anil Aggarwal Anaemia
1508.12.2018 Dr. Dimple Malhotra Thyroid – Adrenal - Ovarian axis of hormone regulation.
16 15.12.2018 Dr. Pranesh Singh Menstruation and society.
17 05.12.2018 Dr. Poonam SinghLeucorrhoea and its management.
18 12.01.2019 Dr. Rekha Juneja Construction of a complete symptom of headache from Materia Medica Pura and its comparison.
19 19.01.2019 Dr. Anjali Thakur Comparisons of Drug Relationship by Boenninghausen and Gibson Miller.
20 02.02.2019 Dr. Vinay Kumar Comparative study of Comparative Materia Medica by E. A. Farrington and N.C. Ghosh.
21 09.02.2019 Dr. Nikita Tangari Repertorial comparison of Absent mindedness in Apis Mellifica, Platinum Metallicum and Veratrum Album.
22 14.02.2019 Dr. Bhavya Shikha Diarrhoea of neonate and infants.
23 21.02.2019 Dr. Ravinder Sharma Clinical assessment of a case of viral hepatitis.
2423.02.2019 Dr. Aninda SidanaPsychological assessment of Pain.
25 28.02.2019 Dr. Sandeep Chouhan Nephrotic syndrome – clinical diagnosis and management.
26 07.03.2019 Dr. Ashok Sidana Blood cell count – normal and computerized, leucocyte development, maturation and clinical significance.
27 14.03.2019 Dr. Sanjeev ChughPulmonary fibrosis- mechanism, cause, differential diagnosis and management
28 23.03.2019 Dr. Arun C. PawarRetinal hemorrhage – clinical, investigations, management.
29 28.03.2019 Dr. Sandeep Jain Deviated nasal septum-mechanism, clinicals, complications managements, indication and contra indication of surgery.
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